Chukwuka Raphael, a foreign employee with TIENS: Being good is not good enough; you have to be the best.

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Before now:

He came to know the Chinese culture from  watching films starring Jackie Chen. Owing to his affinity to such films, he came to China as a university graduate. Because he had once seen the TIENS brand at his hometown, he joined TIENS without hesitation after graduation from his masters in China. He is our employee, Chukwuka Raphael A.K.A, Wang Chi. A random hobby brought him to China from Nigeria. Wang Chi says, “Looking back, I find joining TIENS a correct decision. I am greatly honored to be a member of Tiens Family. TIENS opens a door before me through which I see the wider world and has given me a path to achieving my life objectives."

He is skillful in languages and has been allowed to fully display his talents in Tiens Group. In the three years after joining the group, he accompanied the top management of the group to travel to several countries as a translator, and met many politicians from various countries and outstanding people from diverse sectors, getting a feel of their charisma. From other people's perspective, Wang Chi is a lucky lad and has a smooth life course; but after communicating with Wang Chi, you may find that there is possibly some elements of luck to his success, but much more goes to his way of thinking. His way of thinking leads to his achievements. He says “Being good is not good enough, you have to be the best.” which is his life motto. In other words, he believes that “You have to work towards perfection. You should constantly challenge yourself and never be immersed in the past”. Only by constantly challenging yourself can you reach a broader world and see a more tremendous life pattern. He believes in Christianity, and when he meets any pressure he always thinks this is an opportunity and a gift from the God, and he should find a solution and make a breakthrough for himself.

Wang Chi Says, “Nigeria has taught me how to conduct myself, but China has taught me how to get things done.”

With a brilliant smile and a powerful language ability

At about the time for the interview, Wang Chi trotted to the venue for interview. He apologetically says, “Some urgent issues came up., I come over as soon as I can.” Standing in front of us, Wang Chi was wearing a well fitted stripped suit with a carefully matched tie and a pair of shiny leather shoes. You can see that Wang Chi is a conscientious man. After greeting, we took our seats respectively. Wang Chi evaluates himself as a very introverted man. But in fact his communication skill is very strong, and he always has his symbolic smile at the right time, and you can easily be infected by his sincere smile.

“Why do you smile so often?”

“I don’t know." Wang Chi answers with his symbolic smile.

If it were not for his black skin, you would not think he is not Chinese. He speaks Chinese fluently. It is said that Wang Chi knows a lot of Chinese idioms and stories. So, our chat started from Chinese Language.

Learning Chinese was really by chance

For Wang Chi who is fluent in Chinese now, his enlightenment was neither from any school, nor from his family, but the films he watched that starred Jackie Chen. “When I was a little child, the most interesting thing was to watch films starring Jackie Chen, together with a group of little buddies. Then we all knew that “師(shi)父(Shifu)” meant “master”, but do not understand other Chinese words, and some other children did not care about what the actors were saying, they were just fine with watching.” But Wang Chi was different, he had deep curiosity, and he wanted to know more Chinese words and their meanings.

When it was close to the undergraduate graduation, there were not many courses and he was a little bit free. Wang Chi says that he went to “the Confucius Institute”, as he had been curious about Chinese since his childhood. Driven by his curiosity, he started to learn the Chinese characters at the Confucius Institute. He did not intend to learn for such a long period, but the more he learned, the more interesting Chinese was, therefore he kept learning Chinese. Moreover, Wang Chi says “The development of China was very fast, which really attracted me.” After a period of learning and relying on his talent in language, he soon passed the Chinese Proficiency Test Level V, with which he could applying for postgraduate studies in China. So, with the help of his teacher, he finally chose to study at Hebei Normal University. It was on October 9th of 2014 that he came to China for studies, and even today he can still clearly remember that day and the vivid scene of getting off the plane.

When mentioning the difference between the Nigerian and Chinese teachers, Wang Chi says, “When I was a child I was only exposed to the teachers of our country, and the teachers were always high and above the students. So we were afraid to talk to them. But the Chinese teachers were particularly enthusiastic and willing to communicate with us. We can talk to them at any time. This was very helpful in our studies as foreign students.  "At that time I couldn't express myself very well in Chinese language, but our teachers were ready to communicate with us." Till today, Wang Chi still keeps a good relationship with his teachers, and often chats with them on WeChat.

Joining TIENS was a right decision

He had once seen the TIENS brand at his hometown, so he sent his resume to TIENS without hesitation after graduation in China, and accompanied it with a letter of application. As would be expected, he joined TIENS.

At the beginning of his career with TIENS, he joined the Training Department, and it was not so smooth at the very beginning. Wang Chi says, “My Chinese language was not so good at that time, and I always worried whether what I was saying could be understood, and that bothers me constantly. However, the working environment at TIENS was extremely good, and the colleagues were especially tolerant, for which I am very grateful.” Working is not the same as learning at school. At school, passing the examination is just good enough. But at work, you need to prove yourself by  your abilities. The process is of course not so easy. Once Wang Chi had received a task of hosting a conference with about ten thousand people in attendant, “I never hosted such a big conference before, and I felt much pressure at that time, I was very anxious. It's obvious that I smile a lot but I lost all my smiles at that moment” Wang Chi says. After saying this, his brilliant smile came glowing again. Eventually, that conference was hosted very successfully.  Wang Chi’s quick adaptability and fast learning ability helped him very much.

Nigeria, located in the southeast of West Africa, and at the furthest point of the west coast of the Gulf of Guinea, is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country. Wang Chi’s hometown was in the south of Nigeria, and the family moved to the north latter. Growing up in multicultural and diverse ethnic environment made Wang Chi to have a quick adaptability to new environment.

Of course, work brings happiness as well as pressure. Owing to his outstanding language skills, he accompanied the top management of the group to travel to several countries as a translator, and met many politicians in various countries and outstanding people from diverse sectors, getting a feel of their charisma. Wang Chi says with a smile on his face, “I met Ban Ki-moon once, and I was so happy that day, that as soon as I got back I made a call to my mother said “Guess who I met today?” His mother also happily gave him a praise, “You are doing well My son and you are really with a good company.” Wang Chi recorded the situation and scene of the moment in his diary. “Since then, once I meet a celebrity, I would record that in my diary and send a message to my family group, telling them who I met.”

Wang Chi Says, “I love my job.” Most of us may think the work is tiring and boring, but Wang Chi does not think so. He has a very philosophical belief that if you feel you are gaining a lot, you would never feel tired. Life is meaningless without pressure; With challenges, life don't get boring.

Wang Chi believes in Christianity, which taught him that there is a reason for every challenge or difficulty he faces and that it's always a profitable arrangement. From another point of view, it was a gift and a grindstone for your experience and growth. So, you need to find a way to overcome it, and this is a correct  and important attitude.

Wang Chi Says, “Nigeria has taught me how to conduct myself, but China has taught me how to get things done.” “When looking back, I find joining TIENS is a correct decision. I am greatly honored to be one member of the Tiens family. TIENS opens a door before me through which I see the wider world and brings me closer to achieving my life's objectives.”

Interview notes

Before the interview, we were concerned that we might get the interviewee tensed, so we made some preparations. After the interview, we discovered that we were over-worried. Wang Chi is very good with communication and he relates well without any sense of pressure. It was quite interesting. when we talked about sports, Wang Chi said he likes running.  “Initially, I thought he only, runs occasionally till When he said that "his 100-meter result was 10 seconds", I was astonished, so I repeatedly asked  to be sure he was not kidding, since the best domestic athletes can only occasionally achieve the level of 10 seconds, we cannot help but marvel at the amazing talent of African athletes.

One’s success depends on his or her underlying logic. When being confronted with difficulties, one's life motto may guide him or her moving forward even in the most confusing times. Wang Chi’s life motto is “Being good is not good enough, you have to be the best; always on the journey to success.”


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